Our good friends Brad and Kara recommended this place to us – but I must admit it wasn’t our first choice for dinner on our last night in Budapest. To be fair, we probably would’ve eaten here if it hadn’t of rained for the about 90% of our time in Budapest, but on our last clear night upon the same recommendation by Brad and Kara, we were actually going to eat at the place next door to Kazimir.

Lucky for us the original place was packed and the only seats were upstairs with no air-conditioning. So we literally walked next door to their next suggestion.

After leaving the restaurant, I was extremely happy that we had eaten here – definitely left Budapest feeling like a Buddha.

To treat ourselves, we ordered the Hungarian dips, which was a combination of aubergine dip, spiced cottage cheese and home made crackling cream that was served with breads and fresh vegetables. Naturally, these were demolished quickly, not only because we were hungry but they were extremely delicious. Would definitely get this and a few glasses of wine/prosecco or beer (depending on your choices) and sit and enjoy the atmosphere – if you’re lucky to be seated outside.

The waiter who served us was so helpful with any questions we had about the menu. Considering it was our last night in Budapest we wanted to try something new and different to what we were used to.

Upon the recommendation of our waiter, I ordered the slowly roasted duck drumstick with duck sausage served with red-onion chutney and duck liver mashed potatoes and Aaron ordered “Kedvessy” pork medallions with duck liver, porcini sauté and cottage cheese dumplings.

I would say that my meal was an 11/10 and it was one of the best duck dishes that I’ve ever had.

The duck came out with a crispy skin and was cooked to perfection. Our waiter had told us that the duck sausage was something that the cooks make themselves and you can tell because it’s just full of flavour. There was a lot of “duck” on my plate, including the duck liver in my mash potato which I was a bit hesitant about because I’m not a big liver eating person. I love pate though which is weird, so was happy to give the duck liver a go in the mash and it was something out of this world. The meal itself isn’t big, but once you have starters it does get filling but I was one happy girl.

I didn’t try Aaron’s meal, but he too enjoyed every last bite of it.

People say how cheap Budapest is, but I didn’t realize until paying for all of ours meals, especially this amazing dinner that we had just had which all of it, including a few glasses of wine and beers only came to just under 20 pounds!

Bargain delight.

If you visit this lovely restaurant, be sure to also check out a few ruin bars around Budapest. Budapest is known for it’s ruin bars so check some out and you will see why.