MOST translates to bridge and is the perfect name for this restaurant as it’s situated by the lovelock most in Ljubljana. For those who aren’t familiar, Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia and is such a beautiful city – you can tell the influences of the Austrian-Hungarian empire with all the architecture and buildings around.

As per tripadvisors trusty recommendation, we visited MOST for dinner. Unfortunately for us, the weather in Ljubljana was stormy when we arrived and on this night out, although the rain had stopped, it looked like it was going to start up again. Instead of hoping that it wouldn’t rain on us, we opted for a seat indoors and I can definitely say that it doesn’t matter where you sit – MOST just has a homey ambience.

It’s safe to say that anything you order off this menu is probably going to be amazing.

For our starter we ordered the carpaccio and this is definitely something that you need to try at MOST. It’s served very simple, with a bit of rocket and some parmesan – but they have rolled out and chilled the beef to perfection.

Go here on an empty stomach and with an appetite and definitely don’t share! I regret sharing the starter because I selfishly wanted it all to myself.

Aaron and I were both feeling carnivorous that night and my eyes could not divert away from the lamb chops. The lamb chops are served with mango chutney and cinnamon spiced potatoes – almost an Indian vibe. I am not a fan of mango, it’s actually something I don’t enjoy – I don’t know if it’s the flavour or smell or texture, mangos and I are just not friends BUT lamb chops always wins my heart. These lamb chops were amazing and for me I didn’t even think about the fact that I didn’t like mango. They are not stingy with the amount of chops they give, 5 nice big pieces off the rack of lamb!

Have you ever seen purple mash? I hadn’t until I saw Aaron’s meal and must admit that I was a bit hesitant as to how it would taste but the purple mash is better than any white/cream mash that I’ve ever tasted. Aaron ordered the veal T-bone special for that night and it was a big cut of meat and served with my favourite tasting mash potato.

Safe to safe at the end of the meal we both had the “meat sweats”.

Our lovely waiter recommended a red wine that would both compliment our meals and if you ever visit, don’t be hesitant in asking their suggestions on drinks and food – because they do know best.

This was one of my MOST favourite meals in Europe and if I could, I would definitely revisit, as should you if you find yourself in Ljubljana.