Croatia is known for it’s amazing fresh seafood, and Zadar is known for it’s Sea Organs.

If you’ve never been, it’s this pretty cool “tourist attraction” where you can hear the sea crashing under the stairs and it sounds like an organ – hence the name Sea Organs. If you also want to catch one of the prettiest sunsets in the world, then head down to the Sea Organs and grab a seat. It’s worth it!

When picking somewhere for dinner normally I like to just wander the streets and find somewhere, where I feel the vibe is good and busy or go off the recommendation from friends but if I know I want to definitely have an amazing meal – I seek tripadvisor.

On the recommendation of tripadvisor and its’ reviewers, we headed through the narrow streets of the old town of Zadar and found Bistro Pjat.

The setting is just magic; cobblestone lanes, wall flowers, colourful apartments and friendly Croatians.

Our waiter as well was such a lovely and attentive man – always making sure my glass of prosecco never went empty!

When you first look at the menu and see how cheap it is, it does make you a bit iffy about whether the food will be good. But cheap, doesn’t mean cheap food – it can mean cheap home cooked meals.

I’m never one to say no to a starter and I’ve actually started to enjoy soups as a starter. Normally for me, soup is a main but then about an hour later I’m hungry but restaurants these days give a good portion of a soup starter.

When you think of tomato soup, it sounds a bit boring but this tomato soup is home made and hits the spot. Aaron ordered the bruschetta and didn’t share any of that, but from his review said that it was one of the best bruschetta’s he’d had.

We both decided to get calamari/squid for our mains – his was deep fried and mine grilled (I was trying to stay healthy this trip..). Upon the recommendation of our waiter I ordered the swiss chard and potato for my side and Aaron ordered chips. I was a bit iffy as to what swiss chard and potatoes are, but it’s just fancy speak for spinach and potatoes.
They were lovely enough to put both our meals on a long plate so that we could both share everything – I was a big fan of this!

The whole meal was delicious and satisfying and I’m definitely happy with the research we did before heading to dinner.

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, service is important to me and the waiter who served us was helpful, friendly and always at our service – rarely making us wait.

If you want good seafood and good home cooked meals, come here. You probably won’t need to line up or book as the restaurant has a lot of space outside and inside.