Lake Bled is a fairytale town – it’s actually like a Disney princess would live there. Situated in the mountain ranges of Slovenia, it’s a beautiful and tranquil place to visit and I would definitely recommend Lake Bled on your Europe tour list.

A few people mentioned this famous Lake Bled Cream Cake and that we had to try it when we arrived in Bled. Lucky for us, we sat on the bus from the capital city of Ljubljana to Lake Bled with a lovely Australian family who had lived there for the last 3 years and they recommended the best place to try one – across from the Park Hotel.

In 1953, a pastry chef by the name of Ištvan Lukačević created the original bled cream cake at Lake Bled’s Park Hotel Restaurant.

This legendary dessert is made by folding puff pastry seven times and left to rest overnight, which means it’s even lighter when it’s baked in the morning. Then a light egg custard is boiled for seven minutes before beaten egg whites are then added to it and the mixture is then poured over the first layer of puff pastry. It’s then topped with a layer of whipped cream and then covered with another layer of puff pastry – almost like a custard sandwich. This is then dusted with vanilla sugar.

Apparently, the original recipe is kept at the Park Café – so you know its recreations are always going to be good!

I’m not a fan of desserts and I rarely eat sweet things, but this cake is absolutely delicious and perfectly made. It’s not too sweet or heavy and I regret sharing the cake!

Not only do you get an original bled cream cake at the Park Hotel, but also a beautiful view of Lake Bled and the Castle.

Enjoy your cake with a drink at sunset as we did and just bask in the peacefulness and magic that is Lake Bled.

OriginalBledCake                        CreamCakeFinishedCake                        LakeBled