It’s definitely a Marco, Polo type feeling searching for this little gem in Zadar, Croatia. If it weren’t for the recommendation of our lovely hostel host – we probably would of never found it.

Unlike the other hustling restaurants in Zadar, this one isn’t located by the water or within the old town walls. It’s still near the harbour but you would never find it “just walking around”.

Thinking that no one else would know about this little gem, we made the mistake of not booking a table – big mistake. Fortunately for us, we still got a table but unfortunately for us it was inside where the air conditioning wasn’t really working and there wasn’t much of a breeze. We still chose to eat there however on the basis that it was extremely busy, so we knew it would be good.

If you are lucky to get a table outside, the setting is absolutely magical. It’s like being in a little secret garden.

Throughout my time in Croatia, many people have recommended getting an octopus salad, so tonight was the night we ordered the salad to share. It was extremely delicious and wasn’t at all what I expected. The octopus salad is a mix of grilled octopus, potato and some kind of wonderful dressing that just keeps you wanting more.

Before we ordered our mains, we saw another tables mains and they are extremely huge (mind you, they ordered the steaks with chips so we avoided the chip side dish option – they give you more fries than maccas do).

If you’re into your meat, I would recommend getting the steak. The steaks are cooked where everyone else sits outside and are cooked exactly how you ask. Sometimes it’s a bit of a hit and miss with places and how they cook your steak, but not this place.
The pictures don’t do the meals justice because the steaks are extremely thick cut.

You can then decide on the side dish – I opted for grilled vegetables (trying to be healthy) and Aaron went for the rice and vegetables.

It’s a lot of food, and definitely filling! Had to adjust the buttons on my jeans.

Normally a meal like this would break the bank, but this only set us back less than 30 pounds, including a tip (we also got a few drinks).

I always think that service makes or breaks a restaurant for me, and even though the restaurant was busy and we were seated inside the waitress was such a lovely lady – always making sure we were right for drinks and that everything with our meals was good.

Book a table here if you ever find yourself in Zadar, Croatia.