Out of all the cities that I’ve travelled to in Croatia, Dubrovnik has to be my favourite. Although it is tourist heaven, there is something about the beauty and history of the city that really captures a piece of my heart.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you would’ve heard of the TV series Game of Thrones – well Dubrovnik has become famous and has become the main backdrop for scenes from previous and future episodes. Because of this newfound fame, a lot more people are visiting Dubrovnik.

I’m not much of a fan myself, but I am a fan of seafood and Croatians know how to do seafood well.

Friends of ours who had visited the previous year recommended us this restaurant. Personally, I love when people recommend a place because I know that it will be within a reasonable budget but I know that they aren’t going to send you around to a shit place. Lucky for me, I get to share it with all of you.

Sometimes it is a bit of a hit and miss with eating within the touristy parts of cities, but you should definitely check out the restaurant – Konoba Lokanda Peskarija. It’s a big outdoor restaurant situated near the port side of the Old Town Dubrovnik. There are two ports in Dubrovnik, the bigger one where the ferries come and the sail Croatia ships dock or the smaller port near the old town where the smaller boats dock – I’m talking the small one near the Old Town.

After eyeing off everyone’s seafood dishes, it was safe to say I wanted to eat everything.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to share a platter with someone then you should definitely get the seafood platter for two. It sets you back 215 kuna, but it is worth it.

The seafood platter comes with two different types of grilled fish, sardines, grilled squid, octopus, mussels and prawns. For the amount you get, it’s worth every penny – don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty while you eat.

Most of the dishes come served in cute black saucepans to give it that rustic seaside feeling.

My tip though – do not try the cheap house wine. It was actually a bit horrible, for a few extra get something a bit tastier!

Besides that, sit back and enjoy the lights of Dubrovnik and the fresh local catch of the day.