When many people think of Croatia, you don’t really think about Asian food – especially not in Hvar.

Hvar is an island situated between Split and Dubrovnik. Although it’s not really a big place, there’s enough to keep you busy for a few days.

It was hard for my heart to be captured by Hvar, especially after coming from Dubrovnik but the food there definitely captured my stomach!

Being Asian means that every now and then I need some Asian food and after travelling for almost a month without some kind of rice dish that wasn’t a risotto; it was a serious craving that I needed to satisfy.

I was a bit sketchy about eating Asian in Hvar, but after reading some tripadvisor reviews and checking the menu (and prices out), my doubts were settled.

It’s a big claim for me to say this and I’ve had a lot of Asian food over my time, but this restaurant was better than any Asian food that I had ever eaten during my two years in London – even the meals I’d had in Chinatown.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that when I travel, I don’t really like to visit a restaurant twice – only because I want to try the other places around and give them a shot. I broke this rule again and ate here a second night in a row – no regrets.

It’s always a good idea to order starters and if you have friends that don’t want to do that – they’re not your real friends.

The two starters we got during our two visits were the prawn spring rolls and the prawn satay sticks. If you only go to Spice once, get the satay sticks because the satay sauce is actually extremely delicious (don’t tell my mum that, it takes her three hours to cook hers and I always tell her, hers is the best).

Out of all the mains we ordered from there, easily the best out of all four was the Sweet and Sour Fish.
*Other dishes we ordered were Prawns with Oyster and Soy Sauce, Pad Thai with Chicken and Prawn Green Curry.

When you think of Sweet and Sour, you think of that bright red sauce with pineapples and peppers – this was the complete opposite.

The sauce was a dark and sticky sauce and the fish – well it came out whole.

The staff at Spice are absolutely lovely, lovely enough that they even de-bone the fish for you.

Once you finally tuck into the dish, it transports you to another world. The sweet and sour fish is a MUST try. It’s a dish that you don’t want to end and it’s a dish you definitely need to order – I can’t stress enough.

Although the bill is a bit more than you would like to spend, unfortunately for the town of Hvar this was probably one of the relatively cheap dinners.

Spice is easy to locate as it’s in the main square. It also has a great atmosphere to it and lucky for us we caught the euro final games each night we dined.

If you wander over to Hvar, be sure to kick your Asian craving and head here.