You definitely need to do your research on restaurants and have a look around when you’re in Hvar to at least find somewhere with good food on budget prices.

After eating at the same place two nights in a row, it was time for a change up and we were pretty happy with this change up.

We stumbled across this place on our afternoon out and went back to the room to do our research. It was the perfect place for us – good reviews, good seafood and cheap prices.

The restaurant is called Junior and is situated in one of the narrow cobblestone alleyways in Hvar. I found out that it’s a family run business and the sons actually catch the seafood during the day and the mum cooks in the kitchen.

It’s hard to avoid a starter and we thought we would go with something a bit different – fish soup.

The fish soup instantly melts your heart. Never had I had food that made me feel like I was actually genuinely home. The fish soup is so moreish that I really wish I had brought some home with me! Or at least eaten some more of it.

Choosing a main is really hard, especially coming off the back of that delicious starter but we both opted for spaghetti – mine with prawns and his with seafood. At first when you get the plate, it doesn’t look like much but never judge a book by its cover. I was especially judgey because I had seen pictures of the food on tripadvisor and was a little bit regretful of my choice, but I really shouldn’t have been.

Once I added a bit of chilli (just for a spice), it was amazing. Perfecto. Bloody good. So good, that we both actually said to each other that the spaghetti was probably better than anything we’d had in Italy. *Not a confirmed claim.

There is absolutely nothing to fault on this place. Each meal was extremely enjoyable and moreish, the wine was tasty, the ambience was homey and the staff were so polite and lovely.

You definitely need to book if you want to come here, but we booked a few hours before dinner and it was fine. Definitely, try Junior out for some good and cheap home cooked seafood.