A Bosnian once told me that if you’re a vegetarian in Bosnia, then good luck.
…. He wasn’t wrong.

Every where you go, you can tell the Bosnians love their meat. Two words. Meat Platter.

Literally on every menu you look at, they advertise a meat platter. Even though the menu says for one, or for two they actually mean double. So a platter for one person means for two, and for two people it means four.

Not a lot of people would think to travel to Bosnia. I had never really had an interest in the country until most of my friends travelled there. After seeing pictures and hearing stories, I couldn’t wait to make tracks to a small city called Mostar.
*For those unfamiliar with the Bosnian war and its history, I definitely recommend reading up on it or watching some documentaries! Lots of interesting facts and stories.

This city, especially the old town (which is where I recommend you stay), is full of friendly people, cheap and good food as well as a beautiful cave bar and some terrace bars overlooking the river.

Although a lot of restaurants are a tourist trap (just like most cities), head to a restaurant called Šadrvan. It’s located just off the old bridge and it is always busy – whether that be with locals or tourists, it’s hard to find a table.

The locals that recommend this place always say to go for the platters, whether that be the national platter, meat platter or fish platter – go for a platter.

Unknown to us how big this meat platter would be, we also ordered a starter each and some rice. Some wise words – do not order extra. The Bosnians are extremely generous with their portions and the meat platter is no exception.

The meat platter came out and we were shocked at the size. It was huge and could’ve easily fed 3 people but it was delicious.

For our entire meal, including a few bevvies it cost 50 Bosnian Mark – which is about 20 pound (unfortunately if you’re coming off the Australian Dollar it is about $40, which is a bit pricey for two people). Coming off the GBP though and you are laughing for the amount of food given. Well worth your money.

We told our guide the next day about our dinner and he told us that we should also try their fish platter, so instead of living in regret we went back for the fish platter. This time we were a bit smarter and did not order any sides or extras because the platter itself was enough.

The fish platter comes with trout (which is caught fresh in their clear rivers), which is cooked a few different ways. It is nothing like I’ve tasted before and was absolutely delicious. Only downside is that there are a few bones, so eat slowly!

We ordered a few more drinks with dinner this night which did set us back the same amount as the night before but we had told them we were there the night before and they were lovely enough to treat us to some free Bosnian desserts! Bonus.

I cannot recommend this place enough. So if you find yourself in Mostar, head on down and try out their specialities.