This place is nothing short of perfect. Perfect town, perfect place, perfect restaurant and perfect food.

Cinque Terre means “five lands”, and out of all the five lands that I visited, Riomaggiore was my favourite. It was also the town where we stayed.
Riomaggiore is the first of five lands and although people say it’s full of tourists, it’s really not. You get that anywhere you visit.

If you’re lucky enough to stay here or are visiting for dinner, pop into La Grotta. It’s not on the sea front but it’s food is better than those by the sea.

Steering clear of the mussels for starters, for once, we opted for the stuffed anchovies. When people think of anchovies, they think of those slimy things on pizzas. Well these are far from them. Be sure to order them!

The whole menu makes your mouth water and it’s hard to chose a main, but the best one (and also the one to deviate from food envy) would be to choose the share plate seafood risotto. Bellissimo!

Unfortunately for me, there was no room for dessert – but from what I saw on other tables, it looked good.

So if you find yourself in Riomaggiore, head to La Grotta for some perfecto Italian seafood!