It’s very hard to find a good steak in London (no offence London but I found it the quality of meat to be pretty bad and expensive). When we were recommended this steak joint in Prague, it was very hard to say no. Although we were a bit iffy, it was the best steak I’ve had since being in Australia.

Cestr is located in the new part of Prague and is an old butchery turned restaurant. The beauty of Prague is that you think you might pay an arm and leg for a meal but once you convert it into pounds, it’s chip money.

Carpaccio is actually a famous Italian dish, so it’s a bit awkward when in Prague to order that and expect it to be of the same quality, but Cestr do not disappoint. In fact, it is the best Beef Carpaccio I’ve ever had (even better than ones eaten in Italy). Don’t go past the Carpaccio for your starter – in fact just order that one to not share so you get it all to yourself.

Cestr make it easier in picking which steak you should order. They have a diagram of the cow and each cut of the cow is numbered. Underneath it then corresponds the number and tells you what cut it is as well as the fat, tenderness and flavour content. So depending on if you don’t like too much fat but what a full tenderness and flavour content, there is a cut that will match that.

Once you’ve chosen your cut, you have to order some sides. I cannot recommend enough the mash potato. It is creamy heaven and absolutely melts in your mouth.

When the food comes out, you think you’ll still be hungry but that is not the case at all.

Each time someone I know goes to Prague, I recommend this place. If they don’t go, they are missing out. So, if you find yourself in Prague one day, be sure to book a table at Cestr.

If you don’t really like eating steak, there are also a few fish options on the menu.

Cestr - Prague