Vienna is home to the best schnitzels and that’s because the schnitzel originated from Austria.

It is extremely beautiful in Vienna and it’s even more magical at Christmas time. Although we were hoping for snow, the locals said it hadn’t snowed there since 2006 – so our chances were dim.

Many places in Vienna will serve the schnitzel, but the best place to go is Figlmueller. We were lucky enough to get a dinner seat, but on most nights, a reservation is needed or it will be a long wait.

I absolutely love veal schnitzel, a lot more than chicken and lucky for me the size of the veal was a lot smaller than the others who had ordered the pork. The pork schnitzel was about the size of a dinner plate (with a little bit of a side hang off).

I actually don’t know how four human beings possibly ate that much, but we did.

There are a few sides that you can order like your salads, chips etc. but, the best side you can order is the potato salad. I don’t know what they put in their potato salad but it is that addictive.

For the days we were there, I would have been happy enough to live off veal schnitzel and potato salad.

Figlmueller isn’t the cheapest but it isn’t expensive either, you pay for the quality of food and to be honest you would probably pay the same amount somewhere more touristy and possibly not as tasty.

Vienna Group Dinner