The name Chlopskie Jadlo translates to Peasant Food but don’t be fooled by the translation because the flavour of the food is far from peasant-like.

If you ever find yourself in Krakow, Poland be sure to stop by Chlopskie Jadlo. The food is cheap, the service is amazing and the food is authentically Polish. It’s just like being in Mama’s kitchen.

The restaurant itself isn’t too far from the main square, but it also means you’re not hit with the tourist prices and tourist food.

Poland itself is extremely cheap, so when ordering for a group of four the bill ended up being less than 20 pounds for all (alcohol included). Bargain!

When you go here order the Beetroot Soup. It’s Poland’s specialty and if you travel during the colder, winter months – it warms the soul. I could not get enough of this beetroot soup. It comes out as a dark red/purple liquid with a few dumplings in it but it is more than that. Instantly it warms your insides and I seriously could have just eaten this all night.

There’s so much to chose from on the menu that is authentic polish food, but when you come here the duck is definitely worth your money. It’s half a duck, served with all the polish trimmings and it is filling.

It’s a bit hard in amongst all the tourist restaurants to find somewhere with good food that is authentic, and if you’re looking for good and authentic polish food – stop by here.

I have never been to Krakow in the summer, but the winter was beautiful. It was also -13 degrees and New Years Eve but it certainly is a beautiful, historical city.

Chlopskie Jadlo