Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in the world. It’s full of beautiful architecture, people and most importantly good food.

I love Barcelona so much, that during my time in London I was lucky enough to go there twice.

Although it’s a tourist hot spot, you don’t actually feel like tourists surround you. Instead you just feel like one of the locals, getting lost through the little alley ways and finding yourself sat in a bar in the side of the wall.

The main strip of Barcelona is known as La Rambla. It’s full of Spanish life and you can easily get caught up in it. *Be wary of pickpockets around you.

Once you make your way down La Rambla, you’ll come across some pretty famous markets. These are the markets where you see those people photographed in amongst colourful fruit, lollies and smoothies – guilty, I’m one of those people.

This is probably my favourite place to eat. Around the outskirts are tapas restaurants. If I could recommend something, don’t eat at one of those places – they’ll probably rip you off and the food will actually be pretty shit.

Instead, grab a fruit drink at the start of the markets and make your way around, sampling all the good food.

Once you head toward the end there are a few places that sell fresh fried seafood, served in a paper cone. Get one of these. Depends on which seafood you like. And for the price, it’s well worth it.

My eyes are sometimes bigger than my stomach and after munching on about 8 crab claws and further wandering around, I wish I hadn’t eaten so much. Nestled away in the corner of the markets is a takeaway paella joint. I didn’t get to taste the paella here, but from the queue of people, the price and the smell – I could tell it would’ve been good.

Be sure to hit up the Boqueria Markets in Barcelona.

If you head to Barcelona, you need to go to a restaurant by the beach called El Rey De La Gamba. The people who work here are friendly, the price for what you pay is just a joke because it’s so cheap and the food is indescribable. I hadn’t had fresh seafood like this for a long time, so I was one happy girl.

There were three of us there and I almost wish it was just me, because I did not want to share.

Prepare yourself to get messy though – use your hands and don’t have a care in the world what you like when you eat.

We ordered the grilled prawns for a starter and then the seafood platter for our main to share.

I would definitely recommend getting this. It’s well worth your money and leaves everyone at the table happy.

When my bestfriend and her boyfriend were in Barcelona we recommended this place to them and they loved it so much that they were actually going to go back a second time.

You need to try it out if you’re a seafood lover like me.