Those that go to Lisbon in Portugal, must, and I cannot emphasize this more MUST go and try one of their world famous Portugese Tarts that are created from this pastry shop in Belem – Pasteis De Belem.

The tarts (and possibly other desserts) are to die for.

It doesn’t really matter what time of the day you go there, the lines go around the corner. During the summer months, when most flock to Lisbon you will probably be off put by the lines but there is a little trick.

We were lucky enough to have organised a walking through our hostel that included Belem and Belem’s world famous pastry shop.

The local guide knows a little trick of the local trade and I’m happy to share it with you.

A lot of the people that are lined up outside of the shop are actually just lining up to get the pastry as a takeaway treat. What they don’t know is that you can actually get your tart a lot faster if you just decide to dine in.

So once you arrive, confidently walk through the crowd and head toward the back of the café (it’s a pretty large café so you might get lost, but just ask somewhere where to find the sit down area).

You might have a to wait no longer than 15 minutes for a table, depending on how big your group is but it beats waiting in the hot sun only to realize that you’re getting a take away tart.

The obvious choice on the menu to order – the Portugese Tart. They’re cheap and from memory, you can order a take away one when you are sat down – just as a little treat for later.

So there you have it. The insider tip on getting your hands on that tart, faster than those in the line outside.

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