I didn’t actually know about this place until my boyfriend booked us a table for our year anniversary (what a sweetheart).

If you are willing to splash the cash for one night and live like the London ballers, then this is your place.

The restaurant boasts views of London, 32 floors within the Shard. You don’t just have to come here for the food as there is also a bar section.

If you’re lucky enough like us, they might seat you near the window – so that’s definitely worth the money. Going up to the viewing deck within the shard is 30 pounds alone, so you may as well convert that money into food while you’re up there.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure how far in advanced you would need to book, but I would say a good one to two months – and book on non-busy work nights.

The night we went to Oblix, I was lucky enough to order what ever I wanted with no worries about the cost. So thinking with my stomach, I ordered the best on the menu.

For starters, I got the baby octopus and Aaron ordered the soft shell crab. For anyone that knows us – we love our seafood, so had to order these. Both did not disappoint, in fact, the food is so moreish.

Many places in London follow the European vibe where you order a meat/fish/main dish etc. and then you order sides. Therefore, with our mains we did just that.

I love lamb chops and couldn’t see past this on the menu, nor could I see past the macaroni and cheese. My taste buds and my stomach both loved me that night and I was one very happy girl!

It was hard to believe that after all the food and wine, I still had room for desert and being our anniversary I thought Aaron could treat himself (and me) to a New York cheesecake. This was the cherry on top of the night.

This is fine dining at it’s best. It’s not one of those places where you’re just there for the view, you are also there for the food. It is well worth the money, so if you can be a baller for one night, book a spot here.