Personally, I think it’s hard to find good Spanish food in London. I’ve been to a few and nothing has ever really made me feel like I was back in Spain – until I went to Boqueria.

There are two locations for Boqueria both in the South West of London – Battersea and Brixton.

We went to the one in Brixton, which I think is a much smaller version of the Battersea location.

When you look at it from the front, it looks so simple and just like any other shop front. Once you step inside, the lights are dim and the Spanish music is playing – the place romances you away to Spain.

It isn’t that cheap here either, but you pay for the food you get.

Without a doubt, get the Paella – it takes a while for the Paella to come out so you will need to order some tapas. Don’t get too excited and over order otherwise you’ll get full and won’t be able to enjoy the Paella, which will be a big waste.

We ordered some patatas bravas, croquettes, prawns and the fried calamari. It was probably a bit too much but it was so delicious. As a couple, we know how to eat so it was probably a lot of food but not for us.

I will make a big call and say the Paella is better than what I’ve tried through parts of Spain. Big call. However, it was tasty, not over cooked and full of seafood.

If you ever feel like spending some money and not on the plane ticket to Spain, go here and it will make your taste buds feel like they are there.