When there is a bank holiday and you can’t either afford/be bothered to go out of the country, the next best thing is to get out of London.

Home to the Beatles is the little port side town of Liverpool. It’s just a short and cheap train ride of out London. The city itself isn’t that big and to be honest you could walk around within a day and see everything – unless you like museums and want to go in them then they take up most of your day.

I don’t feel bad about saying my favourite place to eat there was a Japanese restaurant because I’m not actually too sure what their food specialty is – it could be Fish and Chips like the rest of the UK but it doesn’t have that specialty dish, like Scotland has haggis.

Sushi in the UK, including London is everywhere. There’s sushi trains, sushi take away joints and the occasional all you can eat sushi bar, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always good.

I hadn’t had Japanese in a long time so it was good to head to this place because it did not disappoint.

It did take a while to find but eventually when we did it was worth it.

The sushi is made fresh to order but it also has an array of sushi selections on the menu.

We also ordered a bento box each (as it was the lunch time special) and this was authentic and delicious Japanese food.

Although we ordered some sushi to start with and ordered the bento, it was hard to avoid ordering just a little bit more sushi at the end.

If you find yourself in Liverpool and don’t want something from a food court or pub, look up Etsu. It won’t disappoint.


Etsu Liverpool.jpg