Never in a million years would I have guessed the pairing of the duck and the waffle. I know that American love to combine bacon and pancakes with maple syrup but that thought just always seemed odd to me.

Many people had told me about Duck and Waffle, so it was about time I tried it. I’d been there twice during my time in London; once before work for an early breakfast and the other for Saturday brunch.

Nothing beats watching the sunrise over London while devouring a delicious heart attack breakfast. I seriously didn’t even eat lunch that day.

You can’t go to Duck and Waffle and not order that dish – unless of course you don’t eat duck.

Everything on your plate works well together. The duck egg, the crispy duck, the mustard maple syrup and the waffle. It’s best to fit all the elements onto one fork bite to really enjoy it all.

Each time I went, I did book months in advanced even emailing to try to get the Saturday reservation three months prior.

So, if you’re heading over to London or you are there now – give the Duck and Waffle a go. The views are unbelievable, just like the fact that the place is open 24 hours so you could even pop in after a few late night drinks in the city.

It’s fairly priced – I would even go as far as saying some other breakfast places in London are even the same price but not as good as Duck and Waffle.