The Jemaa el Fna are the craziest markets I’ve ever encountered in my life. This is not a place for those who freak out in over crowded situations, especially in a foreign country. I think my biggest tip with this place is to either go in with a plan – otherwise you will be sucked in for hours or just to go in confidently and not let the hustle and bustle get to you.

Once the clothing, shoes, bags, Jewellery markets start to wind down, the food markets come alive.

I had actually done my research about the food markets before heading in and from everything that I had read the best food stall was to go to Number 1 – as rated number 1 by trip advisor.

These markets have guys that will come after you and try to persuade you to eat at their stalls. Don’t get sucked in and if you know which stall you want – go there. It is fun to get amongst it all though and the fun and banter, so play along.

But stall 1 is the one to go to.

The meat is paraded for you to see their selection and they cook it for you fresh as your order.

We ordered a few trays of the fried calamari, lamb chops, koftas, chips and salad. Everything comes on paper plates and the drinks you poor into plastic cups. All together, the meal costs 10 pounds. If you are coming over and converting from AUD it probably seems like a lot but for us from the pound it was a bargain.

I also can’t recommend enough asking for their chilli sauce. I wish I could’ve bottled it up and sent it back home.

My tip on the markets is to always trust trip advisor – if you research in advanced. A few nights later, we took our friends to the Jemaa el Fna and went to a different stall and it was not as good as the first one! I don’t normally like going to the same thing again on holidays but I definitely wish I did this time.

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