In amongst London’s tourist hot spot of Leicester Square, sits a cute little restaurant called The Cork and Bottle.

This place sits among one of my favourite wine bars in London. It definitely has that London wine bar vibe to it – old, rustic, candle lit and cozy.

Time is very limited here and although you probably want to yarn with your friends over a few (plenty) bottles of wine – the moment it seems that you are going to stop, you do get the feeling of those waiting for your table are staring you down. However, who am I kidding, after those few bottles of wine you won’t even notice them and they can patiently wait.

For our starter we ordered the baked camembert to share between four. It came with bread, onion chutney and cranberry. I would recommend this as a sharing starter. The cheese and its condiments just work well together and it gets your palettes going for the rest of the night, paired with the perfect wine.

As we were out for dinner with friends, the winner of the meals of the night was the Slow braised Ox cheek, potato mash and rich jus.

The ox cheek melted apart in your mouth and the mash potato was creamy and smooth. Once all the flavours combined in your mouth, it was like they were all having a dance party on your taste buds. This is a must to order! I was jealous that I didn’t order it, but at least I got to try some.

Not only is the Cork and Bottle a place of good wine, good food and good company – it doesn’t break the budget.

I definitely recommend this place for a good, cheap feed and some good wine – just make sure you book a table or be prepared to wait. Many people that do come here come before the theatre. So, if you can avoid those times, do.