You know you’re in for a good thing when you have to line up for a restaurant.

Nestled in the side streets of Soho is my favourite Japanese Ramen restaurant – Bone Daddies.

In my 2 years here at London, I’ve been there a total of 4 times. And to be honest, that is not enough times. I regret not going more.

The thing with Bone Daddies is you have to time it right to at least be at the front of the queue or get a table straight away if you’re lucky – which means;

a) never going on a Friday or Saturday night
b) sacrificing a later dinner and possibly going more toward the 6:30 – 7:30pm slots

Bone Daddies have an array of tasty starters, you would be a fool to not try them. My favourite so far – the Korean Fried Chicken Wings. These wings are deep fried and then coated in a Korean spicy sauce and some sesame seeds.
*They are not that spicy and although the ramen is massive, you can still fit a starter to share!

There are so many different ramens to choose from and I cannot recommend enough the TANTANMEN 2. It’s chicken based and although they say it’s spicy, it is not at all. I’ve had this one 3/4 times I’ve been there. The one time I chose a different ramen, I instantly regretted it. It wasn’t that it wasn’t tasty, but there is just another side to the  TANTANMEN 2 that transports your to Ramen heaven.
Be sure to add the sesame seeds to your ramen.

Bone Daddies think ahead for their customers; they have hair ties for the ladies and bibs for all so you don’t spill on yourself!

There are now three Bone Daddies across London, so there’s no excuses to not go and try out this place.

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