The thing I love about England is how old the country is. What I mean by old, is that little towns still have pubs that are standing from hundreds and hundreds of years, and there are castles where Kings and Queens have lived and still live as well as cute cobblestone lanes filled with old pubs.

On a beautiful sunny Saturday, we ventured out to Windsor – hoping that we could give the Queen a wave and maybe she would invite us in for some tea and scones. Unfortunately that was not the case.

Instead of running into the Queen, we were actually lucky enough to run into the French Rugby team during the 2015 Rugby World Cup – ahead of their first game.

Windsor is only a short train ride out of London and is doable in a day.

After much sightseeing, lots of “selfies” and a little bit of shopping it was time for some lunch. I’d been recommended this place by one of my co-workers, and I’m glad I actually listened to his recommendations. He said that it was the best fish and chips he’d ever had and boy was he not wrong.

I’ve had my fair share of fish, chips and mushy peas in London – this meal would be one of my favourites and this place has imprinted a fish and chip memory in my mind.

The Carpenters Arm in Windsor is located directly across the road from Windsor Castle (so it’s kind of like having lunch with the Queen) down a cute cobblestone lane.

When you order, you definitely need to get the fish and chips – or you’ll regret it.

If you ever fancy heading around to the Queen’s place, take yourself to The Carpenters Arm and get the fish and chips!

Hopefully the Queen has treated herself to a meal down there!