London is definitely a city that never sleeps. It could be a Tuesday night and there’s a line out the door for one of the hip places to eat. In amongst a busy working week and a quick catch up drink here and there, it’s nice to just get out of the city for a bit of R&R.

Bath is only a short train ride out of London, but it’s enough of a train ride to actually make you feel like you’ve left the city.

The city of Bath itself is relatively small and it’s main tourist attraction are the ancient roman baths – although if you visit in winter, like I did, then it’s more of a look than do kind of feel.

Hidden away in Bath is probably one of the best Spanish restaurants I’ve ever eaten at. The food actually transports you to Spain (except of course that it is freezing in Bath and you can feel the chills to your bones).

La Perla is the name of this Spanish sensation.

The hard thing with Spanish restaurants is that you are ordering tapas sized meals, so you never know if you are ordering too much or too little, so it’s always best to under order and order more if you feel.

I recommend getting the Patatas Bravas and a jug of their sangria. We definitely found ourselves eating more than one plate of the Patatas Bravas!

Next time you find yourself in Bath, be sure to book a table here.