Food and travel are two of my biggest passions in life – and I know that I am not the only one in the world that shares these two passions.

Over the last two years I have been lucky enough to collect many different stamps, from many different countries in my passport. But combined with all my travels, I’ve also eaten at some pretty amazing restaurants.

When people ask me for tips about a city I’ve been too, my initial instinct is to tell them about this amazing place that I’ve eaten at.

Instead of just sharing my travel and foodie tips with my friends, I also want to share it with the online world.

My blog isn’t a blog that reviews every place I eat at but more of a sharing platform for all the hidden food gems in each city that I’ve eaten at – in the hopes that one day you find yourself in that city and sharing the same experience.

As my London journey begins to end, the next chapter of my travels begins. I’ll be spending the next 2 and a half months making my way back to Sydney – and I’ll definitely be sharing all the stand out places I eat along the way.

So follow me as I give you a taste of wanderlust..